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The Craw Peeler Streamer Fly Tying Tutorial | Snake River | Our Best Crawfish Fly Pattern

Fish love to eat crayfish and really love to eat them when they are shedding their old shell. When they shed or peel as we call it they become very light in color and are very soft an vulnerable. Fish key in on this stage as its super easy for them to catch and eat these protein packed snacks!   Material List: Hook: Masu B1 Streamer hook Med. Lead EyesTail: Tan and Shell pink marabouBody: Tan barbed elasticore Lazer Legs Sculpin Shrimp Zero gravity dubbing Semperfli waxed 6/0 orange

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Mini CD Euro Jig Leech | Fly Tying Tutorial | Euro Nymphing Streamers

Micro streamers are lethal fly options for picky trout in any body of water. Pair that up with the euro nymph style approach and get ready for a sore arm. Our newest material Club Dub is SRFs spin on some of the synthetic seal materials already on the market but with a touch more flash and in some crazy custom colors for western trout.

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