Southeast Idaho Fishing Report

In-Depth Fishing Report for The Snake River, Henry's Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Portneuf River as well as surrounding lakes and still waters of Southeast Idaho

Date 8/1/20

Snake Below American Falls Reservoir:

The flows coming out are sitting at 13000 CFS and the reservoir is at 61% full. Water clarity is still looking great. The Temps have been scorching! With that being said the trout fishing has slowed way down and has been tough. The bass fishing early and late has been great though. Streamer pitched up against the banks fished low and slow have been productive along with poppers in the early and late hours.

South Fork Snake River :

The flows are around 9535 CFS with the reservoir at 86% full.  The water is in amazing shape and the fishing has been solid. Pink pmds are still producing fish along with ants on top. The nymph game has been the best option at the tail out gravel bars. With the hot temps fish early and be mindful of not handling trout to long.

Henry's Fork: 

The flows have been fluctuating a bit making fishing inconsistent at times. Still seeing some great spinner action on the ranch. Cinnamon ants and hoppers are starting today become big players as well. Upper stretches have been the most productive in terms of numbers and lower is better for the larger fish.

Lakes/Stillwaters: The lakes are hot! fish them early with damsels and try to be off the water before mid day. The temps in the lakes are really warm and tough on the trout.

Portneuf: The stretch above lava hot springs is starting to see some awesome hopper action. Seeing tricos and pmds early and late as well. Look for springs and riffles were the water is cold and has the best O2.

For more information or bugs swing by the shop or give us a ring at (208) 904-3900. Best fishes from the SRF Crew.