Southeast Idaho Fishing Report

In-Depth Fishing Report for The Snake River, Henry's Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Portneuf River as well as surrounding lakes and still waters of Southeast Idaho

Date 12/28/2021

Snake Below American Falls Reservoir:

The flows coming out are sitting at 396CFS and the reservoir level is at 43%. Water clarity is great with things freezing up on the reservoir. With the cold settling in look to fish smaller offerings. Midge, caddis, and hot spot nymphs have been working well. Mid day when temps are at their highest don't hesitate to dead drift some leeches. 

South Fork Snake River The flow out of the dam is around 920CFS and the reservoir is sitting at 20%. the water is way down with lots of walk and wade access now. rubber legs and worms for point flies paired with small scuds, midges, and perdigons have been getting them. 

Henrys Fork: The flows around Ashton are sitting at 748CFS.The fishing this time of year can be tough. Really down size your presentations and bring your warm clothes. Its full blown winter up there. 

Portneuf River:  Water is looking great on the upper stretches and the nymph fishing has been decent. Defiantly bring something with four wheel drive as snow tends to drift a lot. 

Still waters & Lakes: All of our lakes are pretty much capped over and the ice fishing season has begun. 

For more information or bugs swing by the shop or give us a ring at (208) 904-3900. Best fishes from the SRF Crew.