Southeast Idaho Fishing Report

In-Depth Fishing Report for The Snake River, Henry's Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Portneuf River as well as surrounding lakes and still waters of Southeast Idaho

Date 12/30/2020

Snake Below American Falls Reservoir:

The flows coming out are sitting at 380 CFS and the reservoir level is at 57%. The water is looking good with great clarity. Fishing has been good over the past couple weeks but with the cold temps our bug selection has gotten smaller. Size 14-16 midge in various colors along with hot spot nymphs, scuds, and worms have been the ticket. Still some fish will to eat some balanced leeches as well.

South Fork Snake River The flow out of the dam is around 909 CFS and the reservoir is sitting at 60%. The water is super low so there is a lot of walk and wade access through most of the river. Just like most rivers in the winter the midge is your best friend. Size way down into the 16-18 category if you are heading that way. Fishing has been best mid day or the warmest parts of the day. 

Henrys Fork: The Hank is cold! Flows are down and the water looks good. People are mainly catching fish on midge, small hot spot nymphs, and find a few on rubber legs. Make sure your ready to hike through some snow on any of the upper portions of the river. 

Portneuf River: The flows are awesome on the upper stretch above lava. Make sure you have plenty of small red and black zebra midges, Hot spot scuds, and small brown or black leeches. 

Still waters & Lakes: Everything is iced up! Some good reports coming from chesterfield and Mackay Reservoir over the last week. 


For more information or bugs swing by the shop or give us a ring at (208) 904-3900. Best fishes from the SRF Crew.