Soggy Stone dry fly tying tutorial | low riding stone fly for picky fish

Fishing Stonefly hatches has to be one of the best reasons to fish out West. Rivers like the Madison, The Henrys Fork and The South Fork of the Snake are all great destinations with great Stonefly Hatches. The fish in these rivers see a lot of flies over their heads every season and hot flies quickly become common and fish begin to get pretty picky. This is a good reason to carry a variety of different patterns when the hatch gets rolling. The Soggy Stone takes advantage of some great modern materials to create a very effective, Low riding, realistic Stonefly Adult. Our Barbed Elasticore comes in many colors and creates a super durable fly.

Material List:

Hook: #10 bent shank streamer hook

Tail: Grizz Frizz

Body: barbed elasticore

Wing: Grizz Frizz

Head: 2mm Foam

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