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Snake River Marabou Jig fly tying tutorial

Its no secret that marabou jigs catch fish but this color combo has proven to be lethal for trout and bass here in Idaho and the neighboring states. Just like most of our favorite patterns this one is three materials and super fast to tie. Material List: Hook: Voodoo Jig chartreuse 1/32 Belly: Marabou Peach Back: Marabou Olive Brown Flash: Krinklezon UV Gold

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The Bullwhip Worm Fly Tying Tutorial

The bull whip worm has been around well before snake river fly as larry cooked it up one night sitting at the bench behind his house in the mini fly shop. Since then this worm has been sticking fish left and right all over the west. Material List: Hook: MFC Wide Gap Hook #6 Body: Bull whip leather red Wire: Large red wire

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