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The Minnow Hatch: Streamers Fishing Tips & Tricks

The Snake River along with many other western tailwaters is primarily used for irrigation.  This means that flows tend to be high and steady from memorial day into early September.  This is great for aquatic insects and fish alike as steady flows of cool  water is essential for growth.  The high flows also grant baitfish and minnows a relatively safe place to live and grow in the shallows. When irrigated crops are ready to be harvested, farmers typically call for less water from rivers and flows can drop dramatically.  Shallows along the sides of these big rivers dry up and force baitfish and minnows to leave their safe summer haunts and venture out into the main stream.  This can make...

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Fly Tying Demo Saturday April 30th, 2022

Swing on down to the shop Saturday the 30th from 2-4 to watch the deer hair master himself Matt McHargue. Matt will be going through multiple techniques on how to use deer hair along with shaping it into beautiful fish catching flies.   

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