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SRF Bugger 2.0 Fly tying tutorial ( Trout Streamer )

  Bugger style streamer patterns can be found in just about everyone's fly box. They have been consistently catching fish on rivers and lakes for years. The SRF bugger was good but the 2.0 version is even better. Adding barbell eyes not only keels this fly to ride hook point up but brings some realism to the equation. Fuller tapered head give great bait fish profile and the addition of krinklezon in the tail adds a great trigger point. Material List: Hook: Allen streamer hook # 4 Eyes: Med. Double pupil barbell eyes Tail: Black & Purple Marabou Flash: Midnight rainbow Krinklezon Body: Festival Hydro Hackle Thread: Semperfli 6/0 Waxed in purple

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Tube Sock Minnow Streamer Pattern Fly Tying Tutorial

Like fishing/ tying streamers? Well in today’s video Brandon is behind the vise breaking down a new streamer pattern for you today. This minnow has been very effective on trout and bass here in eastern Idaho, but it has also produced well in the salt. Snook and baby tarpon in the keys have defiantly approved! Super simple tie for a realistic baitfish fly. Material List: Hook: #2 wide gap streamer hook Eyes: 4mm black Mono Eyes Thread: white 6/0 waxed from semperfli Tail: Techno Bunny white Body: White Techno Bunny & Pearl Hydro Hackle

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Updates in the Fly Fishing World - Covid 19

  Here at SRF we are taking every safety measure we can to keep things sanitary and keep the doors open for all of our incredible customers. If you need things but don’t want to come in give us a call and we can take your order over the phone and package whatever you need up ( along with a wipe down ) and bring it out to your vehicle. Another option is utilizing our online store as we will ship it right to your house. If you are based in Pocatello/Chubbuck area we can even make arrangements for drop-offs if you use our online shop. We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe and still getting some fishing and...

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