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SRF Bugger 2.0 Fly tying tutorial ( Trout Streamer )

  Bugger style streamer patterns can be found in just about everyone's fly box. They have been consistently catching fish on rivers and lakes for years. The SRF bugger was good but the 2.0 version is even better. Adding barbell eyes not only keels this fly to ride hook point up but brings some realism to the equation. Fuller tapered head give great bait fish profile and the addition of krinklezon in the tail adds a great trigger point. Material List: Hook: Allen streamer hook # 4 Eyes: Med. Double pupil barbell eyes Tail: Black & Purple Marabou Flash: Midnight rainbow Krinklezon Body: Festival Hydro Hackle Thread: Semperfli 6/0 Waxed in purple

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