Must have streamers!

With the weather getting warmer the fish are starting to get their feed on so give em what they want! Warmer temps also mean the smallmouth fishing in the main snake and some reservoirs is going to get hot! The top three bugs we will have ready rock in our boxes are • Clouser Minnows- These flies are tried and true and catch fish just about anywhere!Bucktail and krinklezon variations in white/chartreuse, yellow/white, and straight white or pearl have produced the best. • Snake River Buggers- hydro hackle gives your bugs a lot of pop and action helping attract those hungry fish. Colors for these are white/silver, chartreuse, and black/gold. • Rubber Buggers- UV life flex is an excellent streamer material and catches lots of fish! Colors that we have found work best are chartreuse, white, and tan. These are our top three bugs for the coming weeks and with these in your box many fish will follow! Best fishes!

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