Long Cut Minnow Streamer Pattern

The long cut minnow is becoming a staple in our streamer arsenal for the snake river below American falls, South Fork of the snake, and above American Falls Reservoir due to its effectiveness and simplicity. This streamer pattern allows you to put a very realistic bug in the water without spending hours on the vise. Great profile and movement along with durability due to it being 100% synthetic materials.

Whether you are targeting Small mouth Bass or chasing that trout of a life time on sections of the Snake River we feel confident with this bug hanging off the tip of our rods. Great bug choice for swinging through runs or blind casting and searching for that big fish.

Fly tying tutorial

Material list:
  • Hook: Moonlit #2 straight eye streamer hook
  • Eyes: Medium yellow dumbell eyes
  • Body: SRF Long cut hydro hackle (call or email for custom colors)
  • Belly: SRF Mouse Belly (call or email for custom colors)
  • Thread: 210 D

For more in-depth information regarding this fly or the body's of water we fish it in give the shop a call at (208) 904-3900 or swing in. The SRF crew is always happy to help. Happy tying and best fishes!

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