Hot fly pattern for Snake river and southeast Idaho lakes. The Balanced Chironomid has been absolutely lethal the past couple weeks. While setting up your indicator rigs for Henry's lake, Daniels reservoir, and Hawkins reservoir you should defiantly have this balanced leech variation hanging below. The red color along with black and purple variations have been crushing fish. This pattern has also been great on the snake river below American Falls. This bug paired with your favorite caddis nymph has been a game changer. Don't have the materials? No worries there Snake River Fly has you covered. Material List:
  • Hook: #8 90 or 60 degree jig hook
  • Finish nail for balanced extension
  • Bead: 1/8 Silver or black
  • Shuck: Darlon in White
  • Body: Red 140 D thread and Semper Fli or MFC rainbow glint thread
  • Collar: Snake River Fly scud dub
If you cant swing by the shop give us a ring at (208) 904-3900 and we will get it shipped out the door to you! Happy tying and best fishes from the SRF crew!

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