Caddis fly pattern for the Snake River

Caddis Patterns have been one of our top choices in the last couple of weeks for picking up big fish on the snake. This one especially has been responsible for many of our great days on the water. These nymphs are one of the main food sources found in our stretch of river and the fish utilize them as a way to put pounds on fast as the cold months' approach.

Want to learn how to tie this lethal little bug?

This fly Tying tutorial walks you through how to fill your fly box with the good stuff! Material List:
  • Hook: #10 scud hook
  • Bead: copper 1/8 (tungsten or brass)
  • Body: Skud Skirt
  • Legs: wood duck flank
  • Thread: 140 black

You can find the Body material right here on SRF's Website. Happy tying and hope this helps you catch the big one!

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