Quill Fly Rod
Quill Fly Rod
Quill Fly Rod

Quill Fly Rod

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The QUILL feather-light, three-piece, 6-foot 6-inch series packs a big punch! Seeing the need for shorter rods to fish all the little stream fisheries, we designed this series to get in and out of tight spots and fish all small waters that hold bigger fish.

The freedom and mobility a shorter rod like QUILL gives you, is a flat out blast to have in hand. Throwing double-taper or weight-forward lines, the QUILL can still deliver long casts and land fish like a pro. It's also a perfect choice for casting dry flies & nymphs, when longer rods are impeded by enclosed brush on tightly wooded water on small streams. 

Anyone who has fished smaller water in tight brush knows, not having the room needed to properly cast can be a real problem. Having the QUILL here can be a huge advantage by reducing your overhead clearance needed by 2 1/2 feet.

Fish in smaller, less-traveled streams, usually spook out of holding water easier from flashes and anything else traveling over their heads. The QUILL's shorter, and less flashy blank with darker guides, can really help keep that over-head flash down to a minimum while working your way towards a seam or pocket. 

Offered in a 3wt, 4wt and 5wt, the QUILL will soon to become your new backwater feather-lite favorite!   


  • Medium-Fast Action Rod
  • 3-pc Carbon Graphite Blank
  • Lunar Green Matte Finished with Periwinkle Gray Wraps and Black Details
  • Black Anodized Snake Guides & Hook Keeper
  • Half-Wells Cork Handle with Rubber Reinforced Ends
  • Graphite Gray Anodized Up-locking Reel Seat
  • Protective Travel Tube Included
  • Maxxon Outfitters Lifetime Warranty

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MO 66Q-3 6' 6" 3 H MEDIUM 3 2.1  $     129.99
MO 66Q-4 6' 6" 4 H MEDIUM 3 2.4  $     129.99
MO 66Q-5 6' 6" 5 H MEDIUM 3 2.7  $     129.99