Douglas LRS Fly Rod
Douglas LRS Fly Rod
Douglas LRS Fly Rod

Douglas LRS Fly Rod

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The LRS series from Douglas marries performance and affordability for a versatile series made with the everyman in mind. If you’re new to the sport or passionate about expanding your game, this is a rod for you. Graphite technology and quality componentry make this a smooth rod that accommodates a variety of casting strokes. A medium-fast build makes the LRS accurate at most trout distances. If you need a rod that’s performance without the price tag, choose the LRS.


Multi Modulus Blanks w/Blue Finish - Douglas combines multi-modulus blank design and multiple rod tapers to create one of the most versatile entry-level rods on the market. Lighter rod models are optimized for presentation while larger, heavier models are optimized for power and distance capabilities. Douglas has finished the LRS in a classic blue finish to keep the rod regal and aesthetically pleasing.


Nickel-Finished Stainless Stripping Guides - Nickel-finished stripping guides are durable and efficient. These guides are low friction and help any fly line shoot effortless through the LRS. Although they’re durable, stainless stripping guides are also lightweight for decreased overall rod weight.

Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Similarly, hard chrome snake guides are the industry norm and complement the hard chrome stripping guides of the DXF well. These snake guides are lightweight and functional.

Reel Seat

Carbon Reel Seat w/Uplocking Component - The LRS rod series features a reel seat with a carbon fiber insert. The carbon fiber gives the LRS a classic trout rod aesthetic while maintaining functionality and durability. A double uplocking anodized aluminum component anchors down any reel and keeps the rod safe and durable in saltwater environments.

Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube - The LRS comes in a durable Cordura rod tube with a rod sock for increased protection. Cordura keeps the LRS safe during transportation, travel, and time off of the water.


Regesiter your rod to take advantage of Douglas's Lifetime Warranty.