Aurelius Fly Rod
Aurelius Fly Rod

Aurelius Fly Rod

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With a rod that demands as much respect as the Aurelius does, what better suited name than that of an emperor! This rod was designed to be fast with all the power needed to generate tight loops, yet still have a soft enough tip section to not snap the more delicate tippet sizes on quick hook sets. The Aurelius fly rod series has the ability to make any good caster great and enables accurate casters to become surgically precise. The ultimate combination of fighting power and finesse, with the ability to convert a higher ratio of strikes to landed fish.  

The rod is finished in a gorgeous metallic olive green, complemented by a classic-looking, two-tone silver & gold metallic look to pair perfectly with our SDX reel.

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  • 4-Piece, 57-Million Modulus, Carbon Graphite Rod
  • Metallic Olive Green Blank with Saffron Yellow Wraps
  • Stainless Steel Snake Guides
  • AAA-Grade, Hand-Crafted Cork Handle
  • Reinforced Handle & Butt End
  • Alignment Dots & Hook Keeper
  • Wood Insert Reel Seat on 4 wt & 5 wt
  • Aluminum Reel Seat on 6 wt-10 wt
  • Cordura® Nylon Zip-Top Protective Travel Tube Included
  • Lifetime Warranty & Maxxon's Unparalleled Customer Support 

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MO 86A4-4H 8' 6" 4 H MED-FAST 4 2.7  $     279.99
MO 9A4-5H 9' 5 H MED-FAST 4 2.9  $     279.99
MO 9A4-6F 9' 6 F MED-FAST 4 4.2  $     279.99
MO 9A4-7F 9' 7 F MED-FAST 4 4.5  $     279.99
MO 9A4-8F 9' 8 F MED-FAST 4 4.7  $     279.99
MO 9A4-9F 9' 9 F FAST  4 4.9  $     289.99
MO 9A4-10F 9' 10 F FAST  4 5.0  $     289.99