Montana Pat Rubber Leg Stone Fly Nymph


In today's video Larry is showing us a new spin on the rubber leg nymph. This is a mixture between two classics. The pats rubber leg and the Montana stone nymph. Big meaty nymph that is going to be a must have as we get closer to the salmon fly hatch.

Material List:

Thread: Semperfli 6/0 waxed thread

Hooks: SRF Bent Shank Streamer Hook

Tail: Lazer Legs Fall Hopper

Abdomen: Black Krystal Chenille

Legs: Lazer Legs Fall Hopper

Thorax/Head: Big Cat Scat Bengal Tiger

Split case: Krystal chenille black

 Hot spot: Krystal chenille

Antenna: Lazer Legs Fall Hopper

Lead: .35 lead wire

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