Larry's Egg Sucking Leech Fly Tying Tutorial

Leech patterns are a staple in our fly boxes whether we are fishing rivers or lakes most of the year. Spring time rolls around and fish start to spawn meaning other critters are looking to score a snack. This is were the egg sucking leech comes into play. Trout get highly aggressive and protective over their eggs and will definitely munch down on anything trying to steal them. Material List: Hook: Moonlit Streamer Hook #4 Tail: Bright Copper Solar Flare Body: Long Cut Hydro Hackle in Black Eyes: Large Bead Chain Egg: Mcfly Foam in Chartreuse and Orange Killer spring/fall pattern that gets the job done! If you have any questions regarding this bug or others give us a ring down at the shop (208) 904-3900 Best fishes and happy tying from the SRF Crew!

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