Winter Fly Selection ( Snake River )

With cold weather comes cooler water temps making for some slow moving fish. When this happens smaller and easier to eat food items hit the top of the list. Fish also look for slower moving water were they can use less energy. Here are a few go to patterns for targeting picky winter fish.


Midges and scuds make up a huge percentage of food in our local rivers and lakes. These bugs aren't affected as bad by the cold temps as some of the larger insects and vertebrates making them pretty active throughout the cold months. With these bugs moving around more gives trout and other fish an easy meal to keep them going until things warm up again. Check out the tutorials here: Scud Skirt Gristle Bug

Attractor Patterns:

Pairing a larger flashy bug with your smaller flies can be a solid option to get more eats. The larger profile can catch the eye of a curious fish and with your smaller fly below as an easy snack usually seals the deal. Check the tutorials out here: Blue Pill Mop Fly Breakfast burrito With colder water temps the fish are going to start looking for slower moving water on all our rivers. Find the soft stuff and put these patterns to use for the best success. Happy tying and fishing from the SRF Crew!

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