Top 3 Fly tying materials of 2018

We have done a lot of fly tying this year and I'm sure you have done your fair share as well. This list of materials have found a home on our bench due to their versatility and how effective the bugs are you can tie with them. We start our list off with the mop material. (Available on our site) The mop bug has been a top fly for us this year in many of our rivers and still waters. You can nymph it or strip it back like a small streamer. Our first thought when we saw this bug was what does it even look like!? After fishing it a bit and looking at what other life is in our waters we came to the conclusion that it could be imitating a lot of different food sources.
  • Leeches
  • Caddis
  • Stone fly nymphs
  • minnows
It may not look like any of the listed above at first glance but the movement and profile it has fits the description. Killer fly for all kinds of water and species you want to target. Next Up is SRF Leech Lace. (Available on the site) Leech lace is similar to mohair in the way the materials wrap around the hook and brush out. Leech lace is more durable and has a different shine to it when wet. The burnt toast flavor has been hands down the most popular. Many fish in our south east Idaho lakes and below American falls on the snake river have fallen to flies tied with this material. Mixing bead colors up seems to be a huge factor as well in these flies effectiveness. Balanced leech style flies with hot orange and chartreuse seem to be the fishiest flavors. Last on the list is SemperFli Straggle String. ( Available on the site) Thin diameter micro chenille that brings any dry, nymph, or small streamer to a whole new level. The perfect blend of flash in ever spool with tiny guard fibers that give the perfect amount of movement in the water, and they come in every color under the sun. We have found it best used in the following fly categories for our area.
  • Caddis
  • Stone flies (nymph & Dry)
  • Balanced Leeches
Great material all by itself, but even cooler when paired with other materials such as Leech lace, Semperfli quick dub, Micro suede chenille, and many others. We hope these couple materials keep the wheels turning while hitting the vise this winter. Any questions you might have on ways to wrap these around a hook give us a call at (208) 904-3900 or swing by and we can show ya! Happy tying and best fishes!

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