South Fork & Henry's Fork are fishing great! (Fishing Report)

IMG_1236 The water is in great shape on both rivers and the fish are happier than ever. We are starting to see some consist dry fly fishing and the streamer bite with these cooler temps has been awesome. Henry's Fork: The salmon flies have started to disappear but the other hatches are still going strong. Lots of overcast days bring the BWO out in full force along with some caddis, midge, March browns, and soon the PMDs and drakes will be popping. Swinging streamers in whites and olives have been a great choice if the dry fly game isn't for you. If the fish refuse your bugs on top tying a soft hackle on and giving it a swing is a sure fire way to convince a couple to munch. Rubber leg nymphs and San Juan worms are always a must have in you box but don't hesitate to pack a few split cases, frenchies, and midges. South Fork: BWO and march browns have been some solid options for sticking fish on top. With warmer weather on the horizon start looking for more PMDs to starting showing up. The streamer bite has been GOOD! Whites have been the best so far for finding some bigger browns on the lower stretches. Get your sink tips ready to bang some banks. Rubber legs, worms, frenchies, and soft hackles are the ticket while nymphing any section. Now all you have to do is head that way and get em good! Swing by the shop and we will get you set up with the right bugs and answer any other questions you may have. Best fishes from the SRF crew!

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