South East Idaho Lake/Reservoir Report


Ice is coming off and the lakes are starting to fish!

We have found that most of our south east Idaho lakes and reservoirs are ice free and the fish are hungry. Hawkins reservoir, Edson Fitcher pond, Wellness center pond, devils creek reservoir, American Falls reservoir, and many others are fishing really well.

Flies to use!

  • Balanced Leeches: Blue Pill, Burnt Toast, Black and Blue simi seal, And Purple Ostrich.
  • Midges: Gristle Bug, Zebras in black and red, Ice cream cones.
  • Mop Flies: Tan, Olive, and Brown.
  • Scuds: Scud Skirt Scud (S.K.S), Olive with orange hot spot, and Surveyor

Swing by the shop and get your boxes ready to rock for an epic still water year!

Give us a ring or swing by the shop for more information about fishing lakes! Best Fishes from the SRF Crew!

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