Kris Kringle Fly Tying Tutorial

So we have seen the Gristle Bug and Christmas Nymph fly tying tutorials. Well Dave left a few out on his vise one night and when he came back things had got a little weird and the Kris Kringle was born. This midge pattern is the perfect mixture of both of those super deadly patterns. Techy winter fly pattern that should find a home in your fly box for those cold winter days. Material List: Hook: Size 14 scud Body: killer caddis ruby beads size midge Thorax: Peacock Hurl Flashback: Holo red tinsel Trailing Shuck: SRF Pearl Solar Flare Thread: 140 D Black & Red Some of the materials can be found at For more information or materials give us a ring down at the shop at (208) 904-3900 or swing by! Happy tying and best fishes from the SRF Crew!

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