Krinklezon Clouser Minnow V.2 Fly tying Tutorial

Winter is dragging on and all we can think about it throwing clouser minnows to small mouth bass on the snake river. Dubbing Dave is feeling the itch and starting to fill his box and the bins with this super fishy bug! 

This fly gets down fast helping put you in the strike zone quicker. Very simple quick tie that makes it easy to add a complex looking streamer to your box.
Material List:
Hook: Salt water streamer hook #2
Eyes: Medium or large Chartreuse barbell eyes
Body: Krinklezon in pearl and silver along with chartreuse fishhair
Thread: Spooled mono
Head: 5 Min. Z-poxy
Gills: Red acrylic paint
Hope this one helps you stick the big one and thanks for watching!

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