Keep Public Lands Public!

Article sent over to us from Land Tawney. For more information check out the link below. The Trump administration just designated William Perry Pendley, a career advocate for the sale of public lands in the West, as acting director for the Bureau of Land Management. Pendley is the former president and founder of the pro-development law firm Mountain States Legal Foundation. He has written several books advocating the privatization of public lands and has ties to a number of notorious anti-public land groups, including the American Lands Council. In 2016 he wrote a National Review column calling on the federal government to sell Western public lands. This is an unacceptable decision from an administration that has touted its commitment to prioritizing hunters, anglers and conserving our shared lands and waters. There is no room for someone like Mr. Pendley as the head of a lands management agency tasked with overseeing nearly a quarter billion acres of our public lands.

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