High Water Fly Patterns For The Snake River, Portneuf River, And Bear River

Spring fishing and high dirty water go hand in hand with temps rising and run off making its way into our water systems. These conditions can be tough, but don't let it keep you at home. The crew down here at SRF picked out a few of our favorite and most productive spring/high water patterns for fishing sections of the Snake River, Portneuf River , and Bear River systems.

First on the list is Worms!

Worms are commonly used during these time periods because the higher flows rip away at the banks dislodging these squirmy little dudes from their homes. The bull whip worm brings a larger profiled worm that is easier for the fish to pick up on and the leather itself holds it shape to really show case that tumbling worm. Spring time also means fish are starting to get into spawn mode so egg patterns start to become effective. The breakfast burrito brings a worm and egg to the party! other notable worm patterns:
  • Atomic worm
  • Squirmy worm
  • Flex Floss Worm

Stone Fly Nymphs And Mop Flies

Stone Fly nymphs can be found in a lot of our river systems, but even if they are few and far between fish seem to still munch em down. These bugs make their homes under large rocks in the bottom of the river and are not known for their swimming abilities. So when they get pulled from their hiding spots they become easy pickings. The Big Cat Stone is tied on a #2 or #4 hook to provide a large profile for fish to find in dirty water and cause a ruckus as they drift down. Mop Flies are another great options for these situations. They have a general shape that could imitate small minnows, snails, stone flies, or grubs. All food sources that get swept away in high water. Hope these flies help bring you some success on your next outing! If you have more questions regarding these bugs give us a ring at (208) 904-3900.

You can also find tutorials on how to tie these patterns on our YouTube channel!

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