Balanced Crawdaddy Fly tying tutorial ( Balanced Leech )


Trout, bass, carp, or most things that swim in the west love crawdads! In this video Larry "The Legend" shows off a simple balanced leech style crawdad that has been getting munched on our rivers and lakes.

Material List:

Hook: SRF Jig Hook #8

Pin: SRF Balanced Leech Pin

Bead: 4.0 brass bead & Small Cone Copper

Antenna: SRF Lazer Legs Crawfish Claw ( UV Craw works as well )

 Head: Zero Gravity Dub Crawdaddy

Claws: Brahma Hen Feathers March Brown

Body: Zero Gravity Dub Crawdaddy

Thread: Semperfli 6/0 Orange