In-Depth Fishing Report for The Snake River, Henry’s Fork, South Fork of the Snake, Portneuf River as well as surrounding lakes and still waters of Southeast Idaho

Date 8/20/19

Snake Below American Falls Reservoir: Flows out of the dam are sitting at 11500 and the reservoir is at 38%. The reservoir is dropping about a percent a day and as it continues to drop the water clarity will become more and more dirty. Even with the water becoming off color the fishing is still great. The bass bite hasn’t slowed down much at all. White zonkers, Krinklezon clousers, and Brillow pads have been super effective. Deep nymph rigs using caddis nymphs and balanced leeches has also been good for the bass and a few trout.


South Fork Snake River : Fork Flows are at 9610 CFS with the reservoir at 81% full. Water clarity and flow is perfect right now! Tons of great dry fly action still happening. Caddis, PMDs, and bigger foam Bugs ( Water walkers ) have been getting em good. Nymph wise we have been throwing zebra midges, Duracells, and split case pmds. White and tan streamers are also another great option for any stretch.


Henry’s Fork:  Its Hopper time! Most terrestrial patterns have been catching fish through all of the stretches of the hank. Plenty of caddis and some tricos starting pop for your smaller dries. Rubber legs, scuds, and mayfly nymphs have been getting some action as well.


Still Water/Lakes:  The warm water species lakes are fishing well using streamers and top water bugs early and late in the day. Most of our trout lakes have a heavy dose of moss and veg. growing up making bank access difficult. If you have access to a watercraft finding the holes in the weed pockets using midges, damsels, and leech patterns have been effective.


Portneuf: Still great PMD and caddis action going on through the upper stretches. Hoppers are bouncing around pretty well so we have switched to the hopper dropper rigs for the most part. Yellow and tan colored hoppers with mayfly nymphs, scuds, and zebras for you dropper. smaller streamer patterns in rusty browns have been good as well.


Blackfoot river: Hopper fishing is starting to pick up on the upper stretches. Water walkers and morrish hoppers have been productive. Smaller pmds and caddis have been producing some fish as well. Frenchies, scuds, and soft hackles have been great nymph choices. smaller sculpin patterns in olives and blacks have been working in the streamer department.


For more information or bugs swing by the shop or give us a ring at (208) 904-3900. Best fishes from the SRF Crew.