Fishing Report

Date: 4/11/18

Snake below American Falls: Flows are up to 17,564 CFS coming out of the dam, with the reservoir at 94%. Water is off color and rollin! Fishing from a boat is a must at this point with a few fish being picked up on deep nymph rigs and streamers on a sink tip line.

Still water: Ice is coming off most of the still waters bringing great fishing opportunities. Leeches and midge cycle bugs will get the job done. With the rivers swollen these are the places to be.

Portneuf: Lower stretches thought Inkom and Pocatello are very off color and running high but, The upper sections above lava are still producing some nice fish. Small balanced leeches and midges are working well, but would also look for midges and blue wings hatching later on in the day as it warms up.

Snake by Tilden: Flows are large like all sections of the snake. Boat is needed to access this section and fishing has been hit and miss. Streamers swung on sink tip lines are your best bet.

South Fork: Flows are up to 17987 CFS out of the dam and the reservoir is sitting at 64%. The flow chart is all over the place, but fishing from a boat in the upper sections with nymph rigs (rubber legs & bigger nymphs) and streamers has shown some decent productivity.

Henrys Fork: Warm river has been fishing the best. BWO and March browns on the surface have been getting eats along with big rubber legs and pheasant tails under an indicator. Smaller streamers in low light conditions have also been producing some bigger fish in the upper sections.