Fishing Report

Date: 2/6/18

Snake below American Falls: Flows are up to 7100CFS with the reservoir up to 86%. Fishing has been good with the warmest parts of the day being best. Normal bugs are on the menu along with a few bumping streamers. End of this month the flows are going up yet again, and a boat becomes almost necessary.

Still water: ice fishing is taking over do to most of the still waters having ice at this point. Springfield still has open water though and will fish well into the spring. small midges and leeches seem to be getting them where you can find open water.

Portneuf: Lower stretches are very off color through Inkom and have shown slow fishing. The upper sections above lava are still producing some nice fish. Small balanced leeches and midges are working well, but would also look for midges and blue wings hatching later on in the day as it warms up.

Snake by Tilden: Flows are higher than normal, but the fishing is picking up. Lots of fish being found in the main river channels using nymph rigs with midges, caddis, and balanced leeches. Boat needed for most access.

South Fork: 3501CFS and the reservoir is at 96% full. Upper section has been fishing the best. Rubber Legs, bigger prince nymphs, midges nymphed and double streamer rigs are picking up fish. Warmer days are showing great midge hatches along with Blue wings later in the day.

Henrys Fork: Fishing well with  Winter conditions but clean flow. Finding fish on small nymphs and small streamer along with some BWO and midges hatching later in the day.