Fishing Report

Date: 6/20/18

Snake below American Falls: Flows out of the dam are 19990CFS and the reservoir is 100% full. The water clarity is amazing crystal clear all the way down. Trout fishing has picked up, and a lot of big fish are being caught. Deep indicator rigs and perch flavored streamers fished deep and getting munched. Bass are coming off their beds and the big fish are moving into deeper water. Fast stripped flashy streamers ( icy manipulator) on sink lines have been the ticket. Best bass fishing has been lower by Massacre rocks and Gifford springs.

Still water: Reservoirs have been the best fishing and should continue to produce. Hawkins, Daniels, and 24 mile have had the best trout fishing. Mop flies, balanced leeches, and small nymphs and scuds have been working. Treasurton, Twin Lakes, and Winder reservoirs have been lights out for the warm water species. Lots of top water and streamer action.

Portneuf: Flows have started to stabilize and the fishing is picking up. The sections through inkom are still dirty and the fishing is hit and miss. The upper section above lava has seen some great water clarity and the dry fly fishing has been awesome. PMDs with some caddis thrown into the mix, along with soft hackle and mop flies getting em sub surface.

Snake by Tilden: flows are very high and muddy. (A boat is necessary) Fishing has been decent at the creek mouths and where the springs pop up. Streamers are ticket on this stretch at this point. 

South Fork: Flows out the dam are 22136 CFS and the reservoir 98%. the water is now very off color with the increased flows and precipitation we have seen this last week. The upper section by the dam has had the best fishing so far. Lots of rainbows being caught along with Lakers that have been flushed through the dam. Rubber legs and midges along with a variety of streamers have been getting the eats.

Henrys Fork: The most consistent fishing we have seen over the past months. Flows are not bad along with the water clarity. Lots of drakes hatching providing some great dry fly action. Mid size streamers on the over cast days have been getting eats, and the normal nymph rigs have been getting em as well. The ranch also opened on the 15th.


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