Fishing Report

Date: 12/6/17

Snake below American Falls: Flows are up to 6,000 CFS with the reservoir up to 83%. Fishing has been good using smaller nymphs, Balanced leeches, and the streamer bite has been hit or miss. Wade with extreme caution, recommend a boat!

Still water: Most of the lakes are starting to see ice, and the fishing is starting to shift to sitting on a bucket and punching holes. If you do find open water, Such as Springfield, try your luck with small midges and buggers stripped deep and slow or under an indicator.

Portneuf: The upper sections above lava are still producing some nice fish. Nymph rigs with red zebras, Hares ear, and scuds have been picking up fish along with smaller streamers.

Snake by Tilden: Flows are higher than normal, but the fishing is picking up. Lots of fish being found in the main river channels using nymph rigs with midges, caddis, and balanced leeches. Boat needed for most access.

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