Date: 8/14/18

Snake below American Falls: Flows out of the dam14,285 CFS and the reservoir is 45% full. Fishing has slowed a bit in the upper sections with the warmer water coming out of the reservoir and recent events. Lower sections of the river have still been producing though. water color is a off and a little warm so finding the faster sections of water is were the fish will be hanging out. small mouth fishing has been hit and miss, but massacre rocks and the lower reaches below pipeline have had a pretty good streamer bite.

Still water: Daniels has been consistent for trout, but most of the trout fisheries will pick back up as the weather cools. The warm water fisheries are still rollin with consistent numbers coming out of Winder, Twin Lakes, Condie, And Treaserton.

Portneuf: Flows are great and so is the fishing. The sections through inkom are low and warm and can be hit and miss. Find the springs for your best chance on the upper sections and through hoppers, hoppers, and more hoppers! smaller nymphs dropped off these bugs have also been great.

Snake by Tilden: Flows have jumped around a bit, but fishing is staying consistent. streamer bite and hopper droppers have been best. Finding faster water and the cold water is your best bet with the high temps.

South Fork: Flows out the dam are 11163CFS and the reservoir 79%. Water looks good and the hatches have been decent. Flows have been fluctuating a lot and the river has seen lots pressure, so fishing has been decent. Look for the cloudy days for this place to blow up!

Henrys Fork: Not much has changed in this section besides the amount of floaters. Fishing is staying consistent even with the river becoming busy with these hot days. Flows are not bad along with the water clarity. Lots of Hoppers PMDs, and caddis hatching providing some great dry fly action. Mid size streamers on the over cast days have been getting eats, and the normal nymph rigs have been getting em as well.

Upper Blackfoot: The water temps are rising, so fishing has been best in the early morning and later in the day when things cool off. Lots of hungry cutties looking to eat heavy streamers fished deep along with hopper dropper rigs, Chubbys, and smaller dries. Nymph rigs have also been getting em good. Oh and don’t hesitate to put on a mop fly! The upper portion by the creeks have seen the best action.

 Small Streams: cold and clean this time of the year is king! Big Elk, Bear, Big Lost, And birch Creek have seen excellent fishing. Small dries, hoppers and nymphs have been producing a lot fish though these section.


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