Christmas at SRF!

IMG_1069 The crew at SRF sat down and picked some of their favorites for holiday gift ideas and we wanted to share them with you to help out with your Christmas shopping! 1. 10% off gift certificates up until Christmas. Save a little cash and makes it easy getting that fishy person exactly what they want. 2. Fly kits loaded for southeast Idaho or their favorite stream or lake. Let us help you dial in the bugs that will get it done. 3. Lamson Remix three pack reel/spool set. Cant go wrong with this one. 3 spools, 1 reel, and a fancy case to pack them around in. 4. Materials, Materials, and more Materials! We have tons of unique fly tying materials jam packed in our shop. As a fly tyers ourselves finding crazy new materials in our stockings is awesome! 5. We have tons of great hats to choose from. SRF hats in plenty of great colors and some idaho fish print hats that are hand painted by local fishing master Wes Ashcraft! 6. Other mentionable items! Risings nets & tools, Loop Rods ( the new 7X! ) Simms waders for under $200 with a lifetime guarantee, Cortland fly lines, Watermaster inflatables, Maxxon outfitters rods and gear, and much more! Hope this helps you out and hope your holidays are awesome! If you have any questions you can reach us by email or give us a ring at (208) 904-3900

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