Balanced Perch Fly Tying Tutorial

Balanced leeches flat out work and the fish in our neck of the woods love em. This particular variation works well in any river or lake that has a heavy perch base. Fish are always looking for the next high calorie snack and when this bug drops in front of them they munch it.

Material List:

Hook: Moonlit Jig Hook #8

Bead: 4.0 mm Moonlit Slotted Tungsten

Pin: Balanced Leech Pin

Tail: Zero Gravity Dubbing Olive

Body: UV Blue Solar Flare

Collar: Zero Gravity Dubbing Olive

Carp Clinic September 7th


SRF will be putting on a carp clinic September 7th at 9 AM. This course will cover different techniques, flies, fish behavior, and some tricks on how to become a successful carp angler. The clinic will run about 3-4 hours and costs $50 per person. Spots are limited and its filling fast so give us a call or shoot us an email to get signed up.

Hippie Damsel Fly Tying Tutorial

Carp can be picky fish and will stick their nose up at a lot of offerings. The Hippie Damsel is one of those bugs you can fall back on when fishing gets tough. Killer damsel pattern for any lakes for trout as well.

Material List:

Hook: Moonlit Jig Hook # 8

Eyes: Medium Bead Chain ( Any color )

Tail: Hippie Hackle Army Greens

Body: SRF Scud Dub Olive

Collar: SRF Hippie Hackle Army Greens

Head: SRF Scud Dub Olive