South East Idaho Still Water Fly Fishing


Lakes are our saving grace when the weather starts to warm and the run off gets rolling making the rivers tough to fish. We have a ton of really productive lakes and reservoirs close by that can keep you fishing while the rivers are high. The crew down here at SRF has put together some flies and info that will jump start your still water game as soon as ice off hits in the coming month. 


The best way to approach a lake is having some sort of craft. Pontoons, float tubes, drift/jet boats, or our favorites the Maxxon and water master rafts. Being able to access the entire body of water and get to were the fish are holding is key and sometimes the banks just don’t offer that. We have a couple of Water master rentals available at the shop for $40 bucks a day that will help make your next lake trip super productive.


The Fish:

The fish in lakes get BIG! Most still waters give every angler the opportunity to hook into the fish of a lifetime. Large amounts of food and hatches, Big body of water allows for substantial growth, and no current means no exercise so they get fat. Most of or lakes have a pretty diverse selection of trout and warm water species. a lot of lakes will hold Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, and Hybrids.

The Flies:

The insect life in lakes is crazy. Tons of different foods sources are available to the fish that call them home which gives us as fisherman a lot of options. Midges, leeches, damsels, bait fish, scuds, and snails are what you can plan on finding the fish feeding on.

Notable fly patterns:

  • Zebra Midge
  • Balanced leeches ( Blue Pill, Burnt toast, Bugger style)
  • Hot spot scuds
  • standard buggers ( Black, Brown, olive)

Places to fish:

If your looking for trout our top recommendations are Hawkins, Chesterfield, and Springfield reservoirs.

If your looking for the warm water fish such as bass our top picks would be Twin Lakes, Mctucker Ponds, and Alexander reservoir.



We hope this gets you pointed in the right directions for your next lake trip and if you have any other questions give us a ring down at the shop. (208) 904-3900.

You can find all of our top still water pattern tutorials on our YouTube channel and the materials to tie them in our online shop.

Snake River Fly Upcoming Events!

We have a few events coming up fast that everyone should mark their calender’s for!

Tonight 3/5/19 6:30pm

Tonight at Jim Dandy Brewery we will be having our Tie One On. The event starts at 6:30pm and is open to everyone. Bring a vise, tie some bugs, and have some great beer. Hope to see you there.




March 29th-30th We will be tying at the southeast Idaho fly fishing expo in Idaho Falls. This event is open to the public and there will be tons of great fly tiers showing off their skills along with some great vendors. 

April 12th-13th we will be at the Wasatch Expo in Sandy Utah whippin up some bugs and showcasing some of our new products. This one is packed with vendors from all over and some amazing tiers and clinics.

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