Casting For Recovery & Iron Fly


June 4th starting at 6pm at Jim Dandy Brewing there will be a a casting for recovery fundraiser and Iron Fly Competition. Tons of great raffles to help raise money for the ladies upcoming trip a long with some door prizes, great beer, and a awesome fly tying competition! Hope to see you all there and who knows you might walk away with a new loop rod!

Rubber Bugger ( Small mouth streamer )

The woolly bugger is cool, but the rubber bugger is coolest! Great simple streamer pattern that has proven to be a top dog in our bass streamer line up. Matched with a sink tip and the bass wont know what hit em!

Material List:

Hook: Moonlit streamer hook #2

Cone: Chartreuse large

Tail: Chartreuse marabou & Krinklezon

Body: UV Life Flex ( pairing this with chartreuse hydro hackle makes it even more buggy )