Hippie Damsel Fly Tying Tutorial

Carp can be picky fish and will stick their nose up at a lot of offerings. The Hippie Damsel is one of those bugs you can fall back on when fishing gets tough. Killer damsel pattern for any lakes for trout as well.

Material List:

Hook: Moonlit Jig Hook # 8

Eyes: Medium Bead Chain ( Any color )

Tail: Hippie Hackle Army Greens

Body: SRF Scud Dub Olive

Collar: SRF Hippie Hackle Army Greens

Head: SRF Scud Dub Olive

Beginning Fly Fishing Clinic


SRF will be having a intro to fly fishing clinic September 18th at the shop. The course will go over the different types of flies, life cycles, gear, rigging, and most of all casting. Start time will be at 6:30 pm after the shop closes and the clinic is $50 per person. We have limited spots available so if you would like to join us get a hold of us at (208) 904-3900 or shoot as an email at Snakeriverfly@gmail.com to lock your spot. Great opportunity to jump start into the sport or fine tune your skills.